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How Exactly should you Introduce Yourself in Front of an HR

Before I proceed with answering - How exactly should you introduce yourself in front of an HR, I'd like to answer the following questions:
  1. Can a Bollywood movie be a success only on the basis of its big banner or poster? 
  2. Would you like to watch the movie solely on the basis of its posters and banners? 
  3. Can a movie's posters make up for the poor storyline of the movie?
Without promotional posters, a movie will not get desired viewers but, if the movie's story line is not good, no amount of awesome promotional posters can make the movie a success. 

Well, my friends, consider your resume is only the promotional poster and you, yourself are the whole picture, the movie

And consider the HR as your audience. Do you know how to enthrall your audience? The HR has all candidate's information already with them yet, they would want the candidate to introduce themselves. 

One should realize that first impression could be the only lasting impression. Thus, candidates should be prepared for the interview and especially to introduce themselves in front of an HR.

How Exactly should you Introduce Yourself in Front of an HR

1. Stay in the Present

Remember the question has been raised in the present thus, there is no point to go back to one's childhood times and fish out old memories to linger on the talk. Also, the HR would not be interested to know about your favorite superhero or music band or your most favorite dish.
  • The HR would be interested in acquiring a direct answer to his question, not a long story of you running around a bush. 

2. Begin with a Quick Thank You Note

Thank your interviewer for giving you the opportunity to sit in front of him, for shortlisting you. A little courtesy will place you in the interviewer's mind for long. It will also give him the opportunity to feel pleased and special.
It might make him smile as well and relieve him/her of the stress of interviewing many candidates.

3. Introduce with Full Name

Introduce yourself by stating your Full Name and not just the first name or an Alias. You could say, "I am XYZ ABC." Say it with a sense of pride.
  • Please don't introduce yourself as "Myself, XYZ ABC," because that is grammatically incorrect. English grammar checks should be maintained all throughout the interview round.

4.  Talk about your Birth Location

The HR would be interested to know about your background. Thus, you should make it a point to mention your birth place during an interview. However, just a mere mentioning of the birth place is not sufficient. You must add an interesting fact to your the location. This little fact could lighten the tension in the interview room.
  • Example: I have been born and bred in the tech hub of India, Bangalore.

5. Highlight your Academic Qualifications

Your academic qualifications are most important during an interview around. So, make sure to mention the two latest qualifications you have acquired. 
  • Example: If you are a Btech, tell the recruiter the name of your university and which college have you graduated from, then mention your higher secondary schooling details along with the percentage marks you have obtained from both.
  • Talk about your other promising awards and accolades with the recruiter to make a stronger impression. Mention the most admirable awards you've received: "I am a certified top ranked in the XYZ field. Certified by XYZ organization of XYZ field."
  • Pitch in a little about your curricular activities or any project or case study you have closely followed or contributed to.

6. Share your Story for choosing the Profession

What are your reasons for opting this profession? Why are you fond of this industry field? State an interesting, heartfelt and amusing reason in front of the recruiter.
  • Example: "I opted for BTech unleash a revolution in the field of web solutions and mobile application UI so as to make living simplistic with the help of a technological revolution.

7. Share your Work Experience

Talk about the number of years of work experience you've achieved and what all you got to learn from it. Detail how was the whole process and how did it shape you for today with respect to the first and last job. 
  • If you're a fresher, you could narrate about some vocational training experience or a freelance position you've done so far.

8. Throw Light upon your Core Strengths

Highlighting your core strengths is the best way to impress an interviewer and make him/her realize why you are most perfect for the job position in question. Mention 3 to 4 most relevant strengths going from the most relevant to less relevant.
  • Do not state irrelevant strengths for they will only turn out to be a waste of time.
  • Study and understand the job description and then think about which key strengths that you possess are most needed in relation to the job in hand.
  • A well put brief about your core strengths will pull the job towards you like a magnet. You could add a little on-the-job example to further add quality to your strengths.

9. Declare your Professional Motto in Life and your Work Idol

This declaration will shed light to your personal outlook towards life and will strengthen the recruiter's positivism towards you. Share your life's aim to help sum up the whole interview process in the HR manager's mind.
  • It will be a big catch if you and your interviewer are inspired by the same person.

10. Talk about your Family & Upbringing

This can be a bit complex to talk about as one easily becomes over personal whereas a recruiter won't be much interested in very personal details.
  • Just state the number of family members you have and their profession or occupation.

11. End your Introduction by Telling your Hobbies & Interests

Again, you must add a little bit of personalisation to your hobbies or interests to hold the interviewer's interest and not just state them. 
  • Example: Instead of saying, "I am fond of writing." You could say, "At the end of the day, I like to clear my mind by penning down my thoughts safe in my diary self-introspection."
Remember friends, the success of a job interview depends highly on how you introduce yourself in front of an HR team. They will forget the details mentioned in your resume or CV but, will never forget how you spoke to them. 

Positivism and an optimistic outlook towards life and career will go a far way in making the right impression. Oh and always keep things light hearted. 

      Also, go through the following videos for more understanding:
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